Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day and 27th Anniversary

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD! And happy 27th Anniversary!!

I'm so glad that you both had a great Anniversary. I'm glad it went perfect. It seems like the activity of the stake went well, I got to hear a little part of the song that Daniel sang. It's so crazy how his voice has changed! It sounded awesome. It was kind of funny how they just randomly started swaying back and forth lol. It was good.
By the way Mom I didn't get your letter until this week because you didn't send it in time and so it was good to get two e-mails from mom in one week lol. And it was fun hanging out with Skyler and I didn't mention much cause we didn't do much than just sit and walk around and talk but it was way awesome to be able to see him, it was a lot of fun. He totally shaved his head and so it kind of caught me off guard when I saw him. We just exchanged stories and just talked about after the mission. It seemed like he didn't want to flat out say that he is a little trunky with me going home but I could tell that he was kind of sad that all his friends in his mission are going home and so am I here soon. And I was going to ask about the whole CD thing because I didn't understand that you wanted me to send a CD of something. I don't want o send anything cause I will get home before the package does. Also about my major, I wanted to go into exercise science because I hear from Elders that want to be orthodontists and they said that's what is recommended to take to get you prepared for the test to get into dental school. But just let me know how my classes are set up so I know what's going on and what my schedule is. I didn't get the pictures of last week either and so you should send them again.
Well this week was a good one. We didn't have many lessons but we have put baptismal dates on a family and so we are stoked and so excited for them. I have been teaching them for a long time and since the husband was in the states and had been baptized there we kind of have been teaching her with the thought that she with her kids would be baptized when her husband comes home and so we had been teaching and teaching her with her kids and recently we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I felt I should talk to her about baptism even though she had already told us that she was going to be baptized when her husband comes home. So I mentioned something about baptism and she said that she was talking to her husband and that he told her to be baptized as soon as possible even though he's not here and so she had been told that but she just never told us until we mentioned it and so she got really excited and we asked her to be baptized the 1st of July and her two kids as well have expressed their desire to be baptized. So we are praying that everything goes right and that also she can stop smoking easily like she told us it would be.
Thank you mom and dad for your motivating letters that help and remind me to be better and bring home the fire. I keep thinking that this change will just keep going just like a regular change in the mission and that I will continue being a missionary for a while longer. This week it was wired cause I made invitations for my farewell when I leave my last Sunday in Chile for all those I want to see before I leave and I couldn't believe that I was actually doing it and that this week I will have the big tour with president and my last interview with him before he leaves. It still hasn't hit me yet but with the arrival of president and sister Wright and with my farewell I think it will hit me really hard but as for now I want to like you said bring the fire and take it home with me.
Well, while you're in Idaho give Chanelle hugs and kisses for me and take lots of pictures.
I love you all so much and I can't hide the excitement that I have to see you all. I'm so happy to see everyone progressing so much in the gospel. I feel like God blesses our family so much. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the family that I have. Thank you for your prayers and testimonies.
Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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