Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom...


I hope you were able to have a good birthday.

I'm not going to lie but it was disappointing to not receive any letter last week from anyone. It was I think the first time that that has happened in my mission but it's all good. After a couple of tears I was fine lol jk.

I cannot believe that Kenny is already graduating from high school. We can definitely say that he looks a lot older than I looked when I graduated ha-ha. I'm excited for him though and for his future and where he will go now.

By the way it has been way too long that I really have no idea where it is even if I thought really hard I wouldn't be able to tell you. Sorry.

Well this week wasn't that great of a week, my companion and I get along really well and we are having fun, we are not finding more people to teach or even having many lessons to teach but we are doing good and even though sometimes it can be very easy to get lazy, I realize that I'm leaving in a little bit and I want to look back with peace of mind knowing that I ended great.

This week we were able to have a meeting for all the Zone Leaders in the mission, but this time we had it at the Presidents house, and it was really awesome. He opened his heart to us and taught us the things that leaders do and taught us how to be persuasive. He also gave each one of us one of his favorite ties and he signed it saying con amor, he also said that the ties represented the love he has for each one of us and that there will always be a TIE between us.

By the way mom I always am writing things down for the most part, well at least better than the majority of the elders and so I consider myself doing well with that.

Well I love you all and I'm excited to see you all but for now I will be working hard so the blessings will be sent home. Pray for our investigators.


Elder Pedersen

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