Monday, June 11, 2012


Querida familia,

Well right now Elder blue and I are sitting next to each other writing our fams, it's pretty awesome! We were super excited. I will send you all some pictures of us. It was funny cause you will see him with regular clothes on, we meant to both go in regular street clothes and so in the pictures it may makes him look bad ha-ha.

Well I'm totally stoked for coming home but it's like mixed feelings, but there's no doubt that I'm excited to see the family! The time is going by so fast and I can't believe it, I feel like sometimes it's a dream that it's all coming to a close, but I still can't imagine not being a missionary.

This week wasn't the best week for success. It's getting hard in this sector and it's even harder with the fact that there's a trunky missionary in it. Lol

We actually taught all of our investigators this week but they are all at a point where they either won't or cannot progress and be baptized before I get home. Its weird thinking that I have so little time left in the mission that even if I found someone golden they couldn't even be baptized before I leave even if they wanted to.

We taught our investigator this week and he goes to church and mutual every week and we put a baptismal date on him and we ended up talking to his mom about it and she is totally opposed to it and so its kind of hard. She doesn't want him to get baptized right now, because the husband doesn't want it at all cause he does not like our religion and so it's frustrating cause we were thinking of what to say to them but there was nothing cause it all comes down to the parents decision and so he said he will keep coming to church and participate but can't be baptized until he is 18.

I can't believe that Kenny is graduated! I and Skyler were talking about how crazy it is that they are all growing up and graduating! It seems like so long ago when that happened for us. I hope the party they had was awesome and that a lot of people went to support them. You have to send some pictures if you can.

This week I had another meeting with President Laycock and I love the fact that I get to work so close to him and learn from him and see how he leads and guides the mission.

He took my companion and I home in his car (new mission car for pres. Wright) and we talked about his son in the mission and about what they will be doing when returning home and we got talking about his big homecoming when he speaks in church and he said it's the 29th of July and he asked if I would be in town for it. So I'm wondering if we are doing anything during that time.

Well I love you all tons and I know this work of which I'm doing is true!

Que tangan una buena semana!

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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