Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Querida Familia!!

Querida Familia,

This week seemed like a great week for you all. I can't believe that the holidays are already coming so fast it's crazy! This week was a little crazy and awesome for me and the mission because on Saturday we got to see an apostle!! We all knew that someone would come because the north mission was there and president was supper excited. So well you probably all guessed it but elder cook came! I knew he would be the one to come because dads said that when he went to stake conference he was going to come here in November and so when he first walked in he wanted to shake all our hands and so I got to shake his hand but it was supper fast because there was so many people. I wanted to talk to him about when he went to Medford but I obviously couldn't. So he spoke to us but it seemed really short the whole thing and he had a translator so I was glad I got to understand him in English because in Spanish it was just different.

He talked to us about thrusting in our sickle and establishing the church here in Chile through the Lords help instead of only baptizing we need to reactivate people through going over things that important because the first vision and the plan of salvation are the two things that people generally remember but they need to remember for example the apostasy and need to know the Joseph Smith was called as prophet to restore the new and last dispensation and he talked about how bishops and even apostles don't know why they are called to the position that they are but they adapt and move on and change and get outside the box and think about the people they serve. He said that sometimes as apostles they don't feel adequate enough to be an apostle. He said every Thursday Elder Packer tells the brethren that he still doesn't know why he's here and so they say if he doesn't then how are we to know. Lol

He then answered questions and I liked when he said that we will never be the missionaries that we want to be, we will never be a perfect missionaries but we will become great missionaries if we live by what is set before us (rules). He also said that once we understand that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ not only gets us salvation but also gets rids us of all the (un) fairness in the world and come to know Him, then we can and will be able to testify of Jesus Christ just as any other person in the church. He then left us a blessing that future generations will be blessed and will remember our service that we gave here in Chile and that we will be blessed and he said some other stuff as well but it was really great. Like Dad said he is not as outgoing as some of the other apostles and he may only be a man but I felt he really is a special witness of Jesus Christ and a chosen servant of the Lord.

So also I got the package from the family! I'm not sure if everything was in their when I got it but I received the foot soles, some candy and picture book with a card. It looked like it was opened when I got it so I hope everything was in their but thank you for the pictures. They are awesome and everybody looks so great and holy cow Kellin and McKenna look so big! Gosh that's crazy no wonder Kellin has been getting the girls.lol Gosh everything seems so different back at home. But thank you for the pictures, they are way awesome oh and the foot soles. They are way awesome!

Me and my companion are doing really great and are finding so many people and the members are giving us references and me and my companion are growing together. And we are continuing teaching a family and its going really good, I was scared that they wouldn't accept without the Chilean but they said they are ready to go to the church and so we were really excited but they forgot but they are going to go next week. I really see the desire in the family to know these things especially the Dad because his wife died 2 years ago and so I think he wants these things to be true and so we pray that we can help these investigators that God has given us to baptize and come to Christ.

So pray for our investigators.

Les amo y siempre están en mis oraciones
 Elder Pedersen

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