Monday, November 28, 2011

A Grateful Heart...

Querida familial,

I'm glad that you talked about gratitude because this week I have to try and look for the bright side of things and I hope you're in that mood too because as of Monday when I was on internet I plugged my card in to send you more pictures but what happened is there was a virus in the computer and it got on my card that goes in my camera and erased many pictures and videos, about 300 and something and so I was freaking out and after looking for a while for a place to fix this problem to see if somebody could get my pictures back because when that happens the virus only hides the pictures but doesn't erase them, we found a guy who is an engineer in computers and he knew his stuff, but after about an hour he told me that he couldn't get my pictures back because the virus was so bad and had already damaged the pictures. And so I was so frustrated and the funny thing is that the spirit told me several times before to make a back up but I never had the chance to do it but it was a lesson learned.

This has happened to so many missionaries except that some of them had their camera stolen too. I'm glad this happened now than at the end of my mission because now I'm going to take more pictures and always make a back up of everything. Yeah lame huh and yeah me too for not making a back up. I'm pretty irritated because I had many videos but yeah don't kill me.

I was wondering if I could send the card to you guys and try and get some videos and pictures back. But it's your call if you think it's worth it or do you think that I should just format everything? Think about it.

Well on to something happier lol. This week was a good week because the two girls that we are teaching want to get baptized and so we are super happy about that. It's all working out because their grandparents are members and help a lot. Members really are the key.

The big family that I have told you about didn't come to church again because they have meetings as fireman this month and so I was kind of sad cause that means the I won't be here if they get baptized if I get changed out because we have changes in two weeks and they won't be able to go to church until January, but we went over for lunch yesterday after they invited us over and we had a lot of fun. I'm going to call that my Thanksgiving dinner because I actually forgot that it was Thanksgiving this past week because we didn't do anything and they obviously don't celebrate it here or in Mexico so we did nothing. But anyways the family really loves me and they know we have changes in two weeks so they said that they don't want to meet other Elders cause they are already used to me, but I know that they will be o.k. cause I want to commit them to baptism before I leave so they keep listening to the elders and preparing themselves. But I really love that family they are so awesome and I want this gospel in their life so bad because I know it will do miracles for them.

Yesterday we had a sector slam in my first sector which is when all the elders go and help knock doors to find people for that sector. And since I'm in the same stake and have been for a year in total I went there to knock doors and I had an impression to go to the house of one of my converts that I baptized in that ward.  I went their kind of nervous because he doesn't go to church much, but when I showed up there, we were both super happy to see each other and it was so good to see how he was and so I taught him and it was a great lesson and the spirit was there and it was felt that I loved him and the Lord as well and wanted him to go back to church and he listened to everything I said and told me he was going to go to church and told me he was super happy I passed by. He just needed a little nudge or push back to church and who better to do it then the one who baptized him! I was so happy to have received revelation to go and give him that push.

I really love this ward and this sector. I'm not going to lie but when I first got here I just couldn't wait to leave because I had heard so many bad things about this ward but I love it and we are doing a great work here and seeing miracles. Which speaking of miracles the one about Mary Bennion was incredible; I was in shock when I read it. But yeah I love it and the people seem to love me here too, lol. I wonder what will happen this next change.

Also I got the package you sent me. Thank you so much for being on top of getting me my card and everything and the shirt was hilarious! I love it. Only if it was in Spanish so I could wear it around. Lol I'll let you know when I get the next one.

I have learned so much these past changes more than I ever thought I would. I am really coming to love these people and the people that come from other countries, I'm learning a lot, the mission is going by fast and I may not remember all that I did on the mission but I will cherish the things I have learned forever. I know and testify that God knows us and gives us the challenges that we need to progress. We are here to progress, that was the reason we chose to come here, now we need to give God our will because that's the only thing he doesn't have from us. I'm learning to be a true disciple of Christ and stand by him even when it is hard.

I can't believe all that is going on at home I'm so happy that Shanna is doing good with the baby, it's also crazy to think that Kenny has a license let alone Kellin driving, so crazy!

Well I love you all and I love hearing the blessings that are being poured out over you all while I am here serving the Lord, I can see it and feel it. Thank you for your prayers and your thoughts.

Con amor infinito,
Elder Pedersen

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