Monday, November 14, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

I miss times and days like those where we just have our day with either mom or dad. I'm thankful for parents who take the time throughout their busy life to spend time and play games and do things with us and to dedicate certain days to each child. My parents are awesome! Just a side

I got the video of dad in the mountains but for some reason I couldn't hear anything. But the pictures are beautiful.

I loved the lesson about cleaning the inner vessel. I love teaching with visual things like that. I have made some stuff like that to teach better but especially now I like having lessons like that because right now we are teaching little kids around the age of 9 to 13 and sometimes its hard cause they get distracted very easily and sometimes it's hard cause we usually are teaching adults and so when we teach kids I sometimes forget to simplify everything so they understand and so I think it's good that you teach with objects.

Well this week was a little different. We passed by a kid whose parents wanted us to come by and get his kid to believe in God and so we passed by and passed by and we tried teaching the dad the gospel as well but he only believes in God not organized religion and so we are trying to get him to understand that there is more than just believing in God. But we focused more on the kid and we talked about all the reasons why God exists ( by the way he is 15) and after we told him that he doesn't need to believe us but ask his Heavenly Father if he really is there and so he accepted and he did it. So the next time we passed by he said he did it and received an answer and that he felt a peace and so we were super excited and so we started teaching him about the restored church and he accepted everything. So then we pass by a week later and his dad was there and we started teaching him, but his dad said that we basically did are job and so we should feel satisfied with that. So I kind of got frustrated cause we started having an influence on his son and so I got kind of angry even though I shouldn't have and told them that faith without works is dead and so it doesn't matter if you believe in God until you do something with it. But overall it was frustrating and I hope that they will let us come back into their house because it's just sad to see people that believe that they will get into the kingdom of heaven by saying they believe in God. But it seems hard at times for people to believe that they have to live the gospel and do the things Christ has taught us to do so they can be together with their families forever and receive not only a fullness of joy in the next life but in this life a well.

We are also teaching two granddaughters of a member and so we are way excited to see them progress and help them increase their faith in Jesus Christ and take all the steps to return to God and it's been an awesome experience to hear testimony's of the members. Having members in a lesson is the key because it gives the member a chance to bear their testimony and to have it grow, plus the investigator can hear another persons testimony of things rather than from two youngens in dress cloths and a plaque.

I just hope we don't loose any of our investigators cause we have come so far with them and I really have come to love them. Huh (Maybe I need to tell them that so they know) but really that's one of the hardest parts about missionary work, is to leave someone behind because they can't believe.

So anyway, thank you for your prayers and I love you all to pieces and pray for you every day. I can't believe that Kenny is already taking senior pictures; I was shocked to hear that! Man time fly's by, so take hold of it and make the best out of it while you got the chance.

Les Amo y espero que todo les vaya bien esta semana!
Elder Pedersen

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