Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well I was kind of disappointed for not having received a letter from mom today. Something must have happened and not sent. (He ended up receiving my letter!! Phew)

Well on to a new subject, I cannot believe Kenny's voice!! Good job Kenny. I would never think that he would do something like that in front of people, at least before my mission, because he is obviously changed. I didn't even recognize his voice when I heard it. That song by the way is awesome and made me want to cry hearing it, especially because Kenny was singing it. Man I miss my brothers! Did someone assign him to sing it? How did Stake conference go?

Well this week has been a great one for me. I and my companion are doing really great and we had a baptism yesterday and it was way awesome. We have been waiting for that day forever and it finally came. We made programs that on the back members could write their testimonies and give it to him to remember them. He was super nervous and I got the change to baptize him so I was super grateful for that opportunity. There were a couple things that didn't go exactly right like when the little kids were running around blowing whistles and throwing grass into the baptismal font lol but other than that it was great and he felt the cleansing of his sins.

We also gave talks yesterday and I talked about the power of the Book of Mormon and my companion talked about finding joy in making others happy through the gospel and after we put books of Mormons and folletos outside the sacrament room we were happy to see that they were all gone and people were actually asking us for more but we didn't have any more and so we were super happy cause people felt the spirit and wanted to be part of the work. People came up to us and gave us compliments. It's going good in the ward and we are getting to know the ward more and more each day. Truly you can make a difference in someone's life from the love that is shown to them.

I'm learning a lot from Elder Lugo and we are having fun in the work trying to be obedient because we have realized that the little things count and make all the difference. The small and simple things bring about the great things. Never be a slacker and do a half a job because laziness is the biggest tool that Satan uses, he tries to convince people to do it the easy way.
Also earlier this week we had a lesson with a guy and we were feeling that even though we taught him everything, we felt like he wasn't progressing. We wanted to ask him to be baptized, so we were going to ask him and if he said no we would stop passing by for a while. It's hard because we love him and want him to have this joy in his life. Well, we passed by and his 15 year old son was with him and we taught them and the spirit was there and we instead of directing the lesson only to the dad we did more so to the son because we found out he is looking for the true church as well as the dad is a little shy.

I then felt impressed to ask them to come to the church to do a tour and the same day we did the tour there was a ward activity and the ward members got to know the family and they felt really comfortable. We were so happy for them and felt the joy from helping bring one soul to God. It was strange, but we didn't even feel impressed to asked him to be baptized and we were happy about that cause it showed that God had other things planned for him to prepare him to accept the gospel.

We have many other people we are teaching as well. I'm not sure if you remember but we are teaching a family that the dad doesn't or didn't like gringos and his wife died not too long ago. But anyways I have seriously come to love the family and we have been praying for all of our investigators so much especially this family because I know that his wife wants him and his family to accept this gospel because she was a member. So we passed by yesterday with the hermana that gave us the reference and we watched the Joseph Smith movie and they felt the spirit really strong and the hermana gave testimony as well as my companion and I. She started to cry and at the end the dad and the wife of his son were crying too. I know they felt the spirit. That night we also gave their daughter a blessing cause she was really sick throwing up and after we did she fell right asleep, so they were able to see the power of the priesthood. I really love the family and hope they get baptized while I'm in this sector because they have come so far. They say that I'm spoiled in their family. It's funny because I have to try hard to get in that house and to convince them to listen to me, because I am a gringo.

Well I love you all and I hope to get the letter from mom next week or something because dad cut his short so mom could talk about everything.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Con amor,
Elder Pedersen

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