Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Thank you Mom and Dad. I couldn't ask for better parents. I feel your support and prayers every day, seriously it's the weirdest thing but I really do. Thank you for the pictures as well, I loved them and the costumes were hilarious and the house seems to have changed a lot as well! For example what happened to the other television? It's all good because its looks better like this anyway.

Well to start off this week has been a good week and the more Elder Vergara and I get along the more we both want to stay together cause we know we are going to see success this next change and so I was nervous because I already have 4 and a half months in this sector and so I really didn't know what is going to happen but if there is one thing I have learned it is to trust in God cause he knows what I need and he knows what will make me better and I prayed that whatever happens I just want to be happy.

So we got the call and I found out that elder Vergara was leaving and I was staying again! I couldn't believe it and I'm not going to lie but I was kind of irritated because we had gained confidence with all investigators. But I prayed to feel comfortable about what happened and I felt that everything was going to be alright.

So I was thinking there is something else God wants me to learn in this sector because even though I feel I learned a lot already and even though I didn't want elder Vergara to go I felt like I learned what God wanted me to learn and most of all I learned to have greater love for the Chilean people, but I guess there is still to learn.

I received my new companion at the change counsels and he is a Mexican named Elder Lugo I'm his mom and he is super nice and he is a way happy guy. I feel good that this change will be a great one. I'm excited.

SO we went to change counsels and president had told us some things and one of those things was that every single missionary will do the training program which includes 2 hours of studying as companions and he also told us that he has been praying hard for someone to come here and inspire the mission and he said this Saturday we will definitely be inspired and the north mission will be joining us and so it will definitely be an apostle so I'm way excited! I can't wait, their hasn't been an apostle here in this mission for 3 years and so I'm super excited!

I cannot believe that Chanelle is dating someone that she likes. I'm not surprised to know that she is going on dates but with someone that she likes? Dang it lol I hope they don't rush things lol.

That's so awesome to hear that Daniel is becoming a great teacher, that's awesome that he has already mastered it because I'm still working on it. It's definitely a gift that only comes from heaven.

By the way I haven't got your package yet. Hopefully it will come this next week or something and I don't think I need anything else but thank you for taking care of the card thing. I think I just need foot soles but that's about it.

Wow it's so crazy to see how fast the time is flying by its insane. I remember when you sent me those pictures form last years Halloween. It seriously feels like it was a month ago. Also today a huge group left to return home. Elder Fiscuss and many other awesome elders went home today. It was kind of sad but tells me how fast my time will run out.

 By the way has Shanna already gone to the doctors to see what's going on?

Love you all and keep safe. I'm glad to be a missionary, there's no other place to be and to grow as much as I'm growing now.

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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