Monday, October 24, 2011

Love my mission!!

Thank you Mom and Dad for the letters. I honestly don't feel that special, but if you say so...I love you both and couldn't ask for better parents.

I can't believe you didn't send any pictures of home coming of Kenny and them or is it next week? I can't remember if you told me or not. I'm so glad Kenny is doing awesome. He and I are going to be hanging out a bunch when I get back, I love that guy.

It was an awesome experience with Skyler that I will never forget and it was awesome to see how much we have grown. Skyler is a great leader like he has always been and we are just growing together while being here. We talked so much about what we want to do when coming back and things like that and it's so crazy because it just kicked me back into reality and I realized I only have 8 months left, and Christmas its already coming up and people are starting to tell me that I have no time left and it just puts it into perspective on how fast the time is flying by and I can't believe it!

Well this week was a great week. Me and Elder Vergara (which no not elder Perez) are doing awesome together and are working the sector and finding more people. And by the way I have about 4 months in this sector but I actually really like it now because the people you form relationships with motivate you to stay and in every lesson or at lunch we are always laughing our heads off. We have a great time together.

And I'm not sure if I told you but about 2 months ago I got a reference from a member in the ward who is from a big family that recently had their mom die. So Elder Perez and I went over there and the Dad first came out and said he doesn't really like associating with gringos (Americans) And so I tired persuading him to listen to us but he said you believe in agency right and so I don't really want to listen. And so I was looking for the spirit to direct me on what to say and so I said if you believe in agency then how about you use it by listening to us and then after you can choose if our message is true or not and so he was convinced and let us in and we talked about families and had a great lesson but we only taught a part of the family and so after he said he liked the lesson but he said he would call me and he seemed kind of hard to teach so I don't know why, but we didn't go over again. So like a month passed and I got my new companion and I was praying really hard for a family to be able to find and the next Sunday the hermana came up to us and said, "Elders what is happing with that family? I have had them on my mind all this week. And so we passed by again last week and just talked to the dad just to get his confidence in us and he seemed nice to us but still doesn't like the states but we set up an appointment and went in and watched the movie together forever and this time more of his family was present and they all loved the movie and so we set another appointment up for yesterday (Sunday) and so we passed by and taught them the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong and the love that God has for that family was present and they told us they have never invited someone into their house before and so they said we got lucky cause he felt different with us and he is warming up to me and in no time his heart will be opened towards me and he will love me ha-ha. So they accepted to pray and read and so Elder vergara and I were super happy so now this next coming week for changes I hope that I stay because I want to be able to be here to see the people I have been teaching be baptized. We have other people progressing too but I was super happy to find this family cause president encouraged the mission to pray to find a family so the mission can have a ¨White Christmas¨. Cool huh?

Well I'm happy that everything is going great for the family and especially grateful that Shanna is strong and is able to carry the baby.

I can't believe that Kellin has a girlfriend and to top it off being a ladies' man! That's hilarious! I think it's funny that he's also dating the daughter of the mom that Dad dated before. Ha-ha I guess that's the price you pay for living in the same place your whole life.

My Spanish is great and I'm loving have a Latin for a companion, elder Vergara is the other reason I want to stay in this sector because he is awesome and we get along great and were doing work.

Wish me good luck and pray for me this week. I love you and the gospel is true!

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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