Monday, September 5, 2011


Man I love my family, Man that video was hilarious!! I miss goofing around like that and McKenna has gotten so big it seems like! She's turning into a young woman but she is still cute and funny so it's okay. lol.

Also I saw Dads new present to himself and couldn't believe it! I thought Mom hated motorcycles? So dad how did that one play out with mom? lol By the way I thought I might add that in that picture of you two on the bike, you guys look pretty young, people say that all the time here too when I show them pictures.

That's way cool that Brother Bragg was called as the new ward mission leader, He will do great. The Lord truly puts us in positions to grow especially if we don't want them. It's funny how you told me his story cause even me at times as a missionary get scared to talk to people even though I shouldn't but I have definitely improved, I think the fear sometimes falls on all of us at one time or another which is why we always need to trust in the Lord and look for his guidance in those times because I have learned that the moment that we fear, the spirit isn't their because fear is the opposite of faith. God never gave any man fear.

Well this week was a good one because we had meetings with the President and they were very uplifting and he also came to our stake conference and he spoke in the middle which woke up all those who were sleeping. The man is truly amazing and you cannot know him without loving him. We also had zone conference and learned about how to make our studies better and why they are so important. You would think a topic like that would be boring but president was their so it ended up being really good. Our investigators are good but it's so hard to get people to church here. The most frustrating part is they say Sunday is their only day of rest for them but I'm becoming more blunt with that kind of stuff and so for sure our investigators will be coming. It's just hard sometimes in this ward because there are not many members who are here or there with the missionary work and the members hate the ward and always tell us of why they don't like the ward and half the time I'm sick of it because they get offended from the dumbest things from the past, but we are working through it even if they don't like each other. So I just hope when our investigators go this next week they are fellowshipped.

I too heard stuff from the problems that Skyler was having with his companion because he wrote me about it all and I couldn't believe it, Skyler is definitely with him for a reason.

But me and my companion are doing great together now, we realized certain things and learned to laugh over the small stuff except when I'm sarcastic, he hates that .lol But we are working good together and I'm trying not to get on his back about certain rules, I realized that I just need to let him know and explain to him clearly the rules and let him make his own choices cause forcing him will and just makes him mad.

I love being out here and I know as long as we feel the power of the spirit guiding us in whatever we may be doing, we won't have to ever wonder if we are really accomplishing what the Lord wants us to do. I have come to know that the spirit is the key to everything.

I love you all and stay safe, especially you Dad on your crazy
Work hard and be good,

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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