Monday, September 12, 2011

No letters?

Well I take it that you didn't have time, or anything to use to write me because I didn't get your E-mails. Well first of all thank you for the package! I loved it and thank you all for the letters; it got here faster than I thought. I actually already had the talk from president Corbridge because he is the area president of Chile and so we already got it but its super good and it inspires me to do better. If you're going to send the picture book you should send some foot souls because I thought they were going to be in the package and I'm in great need of them.

I also loved the talk that Chanelle gave me, I love it and it makes me realize how much faith is involved in this work and how much I need to work to improve mine, as well the talk of the catholic priest was amazing! Man it was like watching some intense movie. Ha-ha thank you also for the other packages as well; a super inspiring package.

Well this week was a good week and we finally got two of our investigators to church! Man I was so happy even though they only stayed for the first meeting. It was also fast and testimony meeting and so I was just praying that the testimonies would reach them and they did, they will totally get baptized but the bad part is that next week is changes and I feel I'm leaving. But we have been teaching a bunch of people and the hard part has always been to get them to church, but this last week I have realized how important the spirit is to bring to our lessons because our words don't do anything unless the spirit is there backing up and affirming the words we say to them.

Anyways, this week was crazy we had to return to the house at like six pm cause of the protests and this next week will be full of parties because it's the big Fourth of July celebration here. So we will see how many homes we are able to get into. It shall be fun.

Well I love you all even though I didn't get a letter this week ha-ha and I hope you like the photos that I sent.
Be your best self!!

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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