Monday, September 19, 2011

Thankful for this call to represent the Lord....

Don't worry about not sending me letters last week and my feet don't kill me but still I would love the foot insoles so I can feel more like I'm walking on

I'm so thankful for this calling that I have to be a missionary and to represent the greatest person to ever walk this earth. There is so much that I want to accomplish and there is so much I am already accomplishing here in the mission and it scares me to think my time is quickly passing away. I want to always become the best I can be especially while I'm here in the service of the Lord where it's like the President describes as the University of Life. I love my mission and love being here and I hope and pray that I can grow to love these people and Chile even more as I'm here serving the lord. 

What I have learned most on my mission among so many things that it's hard to say only one but I think that I have learned most is that the Lord is in charge and that he knows his children. The moment you trust Him is when you start to sprout more than you ever would have thought.

I think what best prepared me for my mission was reading the scriptures because that is where I gained my testimony and even though I didn't know everything I knew I had a testimony and that is where it all started. Once you get your roots planted deeply you will never waver but sprout straight up.

The most enriching experience that I have had being in the mission is answering or following the sprit and realizing that it was either and answer to a prayer or just the right thing that was needed to be said to that person. I have gained such a great testimony of the spirit, those feelings of the spirit are indescribable and so amazing, it's so awesome to speak and be totally guided be the spirit and realizing afterwards wow that was not me at all saying that. I learned that the moment you doubt the spirit withdraws. SO don't ever doubt because faith does not exist in the presence of doubt. whether its accepting a mission call or giving a talk or teaching a lesson don't doubt so the lord can help you. Also the most enriching experience is to teach someone the gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing them apply it and seeing everything about them change. I feel honored to see God take place in someone and seeing what he does with them after they open their hearts and their minds. I love being an instrument in the hands of God!

What I would advise the boys to do is to read the book of Mormon and gain a testimony of these things because that's what will save you from a world full of evil beckoning you to join. That's exactly what saved me; I knew that the world doesn't bring true happiness like it says it does. Maybe for only a moment but it's not the true happiness that God gives. gain your own testimony of these things and plant your roots deep down and start now to prepare for your mission to be a chosen worthy vessel of the Lord because the Lord doesn't choose everybody to partake in this work, only those that have pure hands and pure hearts that have not set their heart upon the things of the world. Build your weaknesses that so easily beset you so God can strengthen them for you so you can assist him in his work, fast if you have to. All you boys are chosen, now live up to that promise.

So changes came and I stayed but my companion actually left and I'm not going to lie but it was almost like a breath of fresh air because I really don't think he could have lasted much longer here and I don't think I could last much longer as trainer. I felt like I seriously couldn't do much more with him, he was like a tree that would not move. But overall when he was packing up we talked about how much fun we actually had together and I realized how much I actually learned.

So this morning we got up and went to change counsels and it was super small because President said for some reason that there was not going to be many changes and when I got their I was super nervous. SO they called me up and introduced me to my new companion who is Latin! I was super nervous but excited at the same time because I had always wanted a Latin companion so I could speak and learn the language better. At first he was kind of quiet, I think he was scared to go into his second sector of the mission so he didn't talk much, but then we got to the pension and we talked and he seems like a really hard worker who wants to help and baptize so I was ecstatic. We will definitely do work in this sector, it's going to feel so different to be able to put some of the load on my companion instead of it only being me. SO even though he doesn't know a lick of English it will be fun and I'm going to be speaking better by the end of this change. He is Chilean which is way cool cause he is 1 out of three Chileans in the mission. So here comes pure Spanish.

I was super glad that I was staying because we are teaching two people that are super close to getting baptized and we have another on their way and so it's going to be pretty cool.

I'm not sure if I told you but I'm in the same stake and zone that I was in when I first got to Chile, so over all I have been in the stake of Puente alto or I will be In the stake of Puente for a year total and this will be my third Stake Conference in this same stake. It's so crazy but it's cool cause we had stake conference a couple of weeks ago and I got to see and talk to tons of members from my first ward that remembered me and it was cool because elders in that ward are teaching people that my trainer and I found that will be getting ready to be baptized and I got to see him at Stake Conference so it was cool to see the fruits of my labors in that ward.
The temperatures here are crazy but yes that Is pretty much normal and also this past week there was an earth quake and it was like a 6 on the scale but I didn't feel it cause I was sleeping but a lot of missionaries felt it and president wants us to prepare as much as possible just in case something happens and some people think that it might. 
That's cool that there's a new movie about Joseph Smith, I want to see it. It's been pretty cool to have DVD players in the pension to watch church movies like that. I love it.

No I didn't get any pictures in the mail yet, but hopefully I get some this Wednesday. Did you get my pictures that I sent you? Do you want more?

Also I'm SUPER excited that Chanelle isn't graduating this year! Now I can go with her to college! How come she can't graduate in July? Whatever I'm just glad I will be with her at school which reminds me, when do I start signing up?

Well I love you all and hope you have a great family home evening.

Elder Pedersen

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