Monday, May 23, 2011

Greater Love and Leadership skills

Thank you for the letter from Steven card, I wish that I could write him back but I have no time. I will have to do it another day. Thank you also for the talk from Skyler, I was really happy to hear it. It turned out to be way awesome and I had to listen to all of it.

I love what you said about the atonement. It's so true about how we sometimes only use it when we have fallen into sin but little do we know that its powers reaches out to other things as well. How did Daniel like his first dance? I couldn't believe that Daniel finally is to that age. I wonder what he thought of it.
Thank you for all your prayer and support. I love you Dad and I'm thankful to have had such a great example through all my years of growing up.

It seems like everybody is doing fantastic. I'm super happy to hear that. Well this week has yes been a little rough with everything that went on last week. The first few days were very hard and when I thought about all the things I had to do and all the responsibility that I had, I was definitely a little discouraged and didn't want to do it. But I gave myself to much prayer and I took it just one day at a time with the help of the lord and I got through the week doing everything that I had to get done. I feel a lot more comfortable and the lord really calmed my fears. I really have learned a lot in this past week of the change, and I now I will look back and say that I really learned from this experience at this time in my mission. I'm really learning to have greater love and work harder and be a great leader, I feel myself growing more than ever and it's worth the hardships. Thank you for all your prayers, they were definitely felt.

This week was great as well because we found some golden investigators and we were able to teach many lessons. I also feel like my Spanish Is getting even better because I'm talking and teaching a lot more so that is a great thing. This next week will be even better because we have set many appointments and I really have the desire to make this a better sector than when I left it. I think sometimes the lord gives us trials to see how we handle each one, so I want to look at the bright side of things and work like it doesn't matter who my companion is. Also he gives us hardships because we become humble and so we give ourselves to him so he can mold us.

I'm super excited for McKenna to be baptized. I can't believe it's happening so soon! I hope you take a bunch of pictures.

Yeah mom I would love to have object lessons if you have any cool ideas.
You also didn't tell me what you think about getting a suit.
 Sorry that this letter is short but I don't have much time.

Love you all! Pray like it all depends on the Lord
And work like it all depends on you!

Elder Pedersen

Also, what I forgot to tell you is that this week I was able to baptize a way awesome couple. I have to do an interview for them to be baptized and after a couple of days the hermanas called me and told me that they wanted me to baptize them. It was so cool and the water was freezing. Lol It was a cool experience and I was surprised and honored to be able to do it. They were both super nervous to do it but felt better that it wasn't my first time baptizing someone.

Just a little side note

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