Monday, May 16, 2011


I love my family so much, thank you mom for the uplifting letter you sent me. I got a little teary eyed reading the letter. I love hearing from the family, it always brightens up my day in every way. And it was something that I really needed because today was changes and last night I found out that everybody in my pension was leaving except for me. My companion went to work in the church office and the other two elders who I lived with were taken right out of the sector and so it is just me and my new companion whose name is Elder Mortensen from Arizona and he is in his 5th change and I'm basically his mom in the mission and he is definitely a different one. And on top of that I'm now district leader! I'm not going to lie but I'm a little scared. I was praying so hard to my Heavenly Father for strength to be able to do the things which he wants me to do. I feel when I get comfortable with what I'm doing, the lord makes it to where I am uncomfortable again.

When I was thinking about this, it made me think about life and how we can get through a trial thinking that wow, if I can just get through this trial it will all be good and then I can just sit back and relax. But it's not like that. We through a trial only to find out we have to keep struggling and the Lord pushes us and moves us and forms us even though in the moment of the trial we feel like life is so dark and unbearable but we soon find out that true happiness comes from it and we become molded to the person we ought to be. This is a lifelong calling. I want to be the # 5 missionary to my companion who does not get depressed when realizing that the gospel is full of difficulties, it's just a testimony that the gospel is true cause if it weren't true then it wouldn't be hard and because it's hard it's worth it. Right now it's hard and I know this change will be a difficult one but I know as I take it slow day by day with the help of the lord, he will resolve the doubts or fears that I have. I need to look for the spirit and find joy in the small things. And I know that I will find out why I'm here. I hope that all makes sense.

I'm so excited for Skyler, I'm not surprised at all to hear that his talk went really well because he has always been good at speaking and he is a stud. He is definitely prepared to leave and preach the gospel. Thank you dad so much for sending me his talk, it seems like it went really well. I'm ecstatic for him.

This last week was great. We met a high goal for baptisms this last month and so last Monday the whole mission got together and president spoke to us and after we all watched The Other Side of Heaven. I love movies! I felt like I hadn't watched one in forever lol and what was cool is that the brother of John Groberg off the movie was their too watching it with us, so it was really cool. The movie really inspired me watching it on the mission even though I had watched it many times before. Lol

We also had stake conference Sunday and it was weird cause a lot of people there spoke English and I can now say that I had Stake Conference in the most gringo or richest part of Chile. President was there with his wife and they bore their testimony which was powerful as well and their son Landon who will be leaving on the mission in a couple of weeks.

That is so awesome that McKenna is sharing that gospel with her friends and having them come to church. She is so cute and I'm so excited for her to be baptized! I love that little girl. Whenever I think about her it makes me want to pick her up and give her a big hug and a kiss! Lol

Mom if you want you could give me some ideas for what I should teach for class if you have cool ideas. And I got the package from the Grows, tell them I said thank you and that I will write them back. Also I'm thinking about buying a fitted suit here from a guy who makes nice suits fitted to you for cheap. All the missionaries into the mission buy one cause of how good they are. But yeah just a little side note. Let me know what you think.
I love you all and I'm Thankful for each one of you. Keep me in your prayers.

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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