Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's A Wonderful Life!!

I'm really glad everybody is doing great! The boy's new room looks so different, it looks really good. And yes I received the package! I was way excited, I wasn't sure whether to open it up or not, so I opened it but not the actual packages. Its way awesome though, I thought it was very cleaver with the scriptures and everything. Yeah sorry if I'm writing a little late today, it's because we went to a huge feria and went to some sites. And I got permission because it is out of the mission. I'm sending you pictures. It was way cool.

Well this week we had the mission activity and it was really fun. We drove clear up in the mountains and played tons of games and also soccer, which I was definitely not great at, but we played that for a while since everybody here loves soccer. After that we got dressed at the church and ate a huge lunch, then took a mission picture. Then we heard from the president speak about the life of Jesus Christ as he related it to the mission. Man it was powerful! I can see him being the next Jeffery R. Holland, I felt the spirit throughout the entire thing. He also told us something I didn't realize before, that we are the only mission in the world that is small enough to meet all together. He said he received special permission to be all together. Then afterwards it was so awesome, We ate popcorn and watched "It's a Wonderful Life." When I saw that we were watching that, I freaked out, I felt like I was home because we always watch it every year. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard while watching that movie before as I did with the mission. It made me kinda miss home, but it was okay I totally loved it. It was actually funny because after the movie all the missionary's eyes were killing them because we have not sat and watched a movie and just stared at a screen for such a long time. And it didn't help that we had all been out in the sun all day, we were all fried. It was a really good day though.

This week has been a hard one though; we are not finding a lot of people to teach, and all day walking around in the blazing hot sun totally takes the energy right out of you. It is really hard sometimes. I am trying to give it all I have though. One of the worst things that I hate is wasting time; I feel like if I'm sitting down for 45 min. and not doing something or if we can't find anybody to teach through the whole day like what happened this week, I feel like such a slacker and I'm wasting the Lord's time. I absolutely hate it. And it's so hard sometimes, but I have set goals and am going to carry them out. I want to always be able to find someone a day and to teach and testify as many times as I can each day, because when I testify and teach I feel the spirit and feeling the spirit is what keeps me going, so I'm trying to give it all I got, because this time is going by fast. I already hit my 6 months in the mission in two weeks. It's crazy how much I'm learning though, I'm really finding that there is such deeper meaning to the scriptures than I have ever thought before. D&C has so much doctrine I'm finding beneath every section. Also I'm learning things from every missionary, like when I went on divisions with my district leader and in the morning we started a conversation and we couldn't stop talking about deep doctrine all morning long. I love talking about the gospel; it's one of my favorite things.

I hope everybody continues to do great. I love you all. By the way dad that picture of the food, not the cinnamon rolls but the other photo that I sent; It's funny that you said it made you hungry because that's one of the worst things I have had so far in Chile.lol Its like soggy bread, so if you're wondering what is the worst thing I have eaten; that would be it. lol

Oh and yeah I might just call between one and two. I'm really excited to talk to you all, I can't wait. The only thing I'm debating is what to call on because I have heard it's better to call at a member's house because on a cell phone it gets kind of staticy. Will the phone card work on a house phone too? Also I'm not as spoiled as Chanelle and get to talk for 3 hours with you all. lol I only get an hour to an hour and a half. It really stinks, so have questions prepared. I actually have a lot I want to talk about but I will probably forget. But just get questions ready.

Well I love you all and tell the Coffman's that I got their letters from like 2 months ago, but tell them thank you for me for being so consistent and writing me even though I haven't written them yet.

I pray for every one of you each day, stay safe, work hard and choose the right!

Con Amor,
Your Elder Pedersen

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