Monday, August 9, 2010

Fifth Week!!! All Spanish 8-6-10

Hey family! btw how come no one wrote me? Not even mom or dad. What's with that? It's okay I understand, it's all good, but I want letters from the family cause writing the family and getting letters is the highlight of my day, especially when they come from the family.

Did you guys go on the trip to the coast this week? How was the time in Utah? Kenny still needs to tell me how his efy experience went.

How are things going at home?

Well it's been a great week for me, my companion and I have really started to get along really well, are relationship is growing a lot, especially over this past week.

Oh also we have turned everything into Spanish, all classes and reading is all Spanish now! It's crazy but it really pushes me to learn new words, my companion is really good at Spanish because he took 5 years, so he is helping me if I don't understand something so it's good. He and I both attempted to teach the first lesson the other day. it was hard cause I want to speak faster, but it just takes some time to be able to do that, but the second time we taught it went really good and I relied on the sprit to get the words out that I wanted to say, so I'm practicing as much as I can because on Monday we actually go in and teach the whole lesson to someone we don't know at all, so it's kind of scary. I have learned this week that the scriptures can apply to anyone's life. I am coming to love the book of Mormon more and more every day, and I'm learning things that I have never known before. The book of Mormon is truly a miracle. This gospel is a miracle! Everything about it is!

We haven't had a general authority speak to us yet but I think we will now because usually sometime before general conference is when we will get to hear from them, but it's still cool though because the speakers that we have had are former quorum of the seventy and there is a lot that I learn from them every time i hear them speak to us, and they always speak on obedience, and talk about how we have to be obedient or the lord will not help us in this work and it's so true that the lord cannot bless us if we aren't obedient. I see some elders here that don't follow the rules but no matter what they do I'm trying to obey everything so I will have the lord on my side.

Another thing that happened this week is that one guy from are district is leaving because he can't get the language, so it's kind of sad and now we only have 7 in our district now! That's a way small district.

I'm so busy each week with all the Spanish I have to memorize and learning how to teach the lessons and much more, I'm tired all the time too but I love it. And everything is going great. I love you all, thank you for your prayers and support.

Give the family my love. Keep the faith

- con Amor

Your Elder Pedersen

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