Monday, July 18, 2011

The ward was divided...

Wow, a lot seemed to happen this week; I can't believe the ward got split! And it took a lot of amazing families in the ward! That's insane, so what building does the second ward meet in now? That is so crazy but like you said it was inspired.

It's still so crazy to think that Chanelle is home now and I'm not going to lie but I love the fact that Chanelle is not going for the guys coming her way. lol Because that just gets me that much closer to being there for her wedding even though I know that she will probably get married before I get home.

So what have you all done this week with Dad being off work? So what are Chanelle's plans, is she going straight back to college?

It's so crazy to think that Skyler will be leaving in no time! And yeah we write each other every single week without fail, we always write each other, its way cool see two different missionaries' perspectives of the mission.

     Well this week was a hard one, we still don't have anybody being prepared to be baptized, and it is one super hard thing to be white washed into a sector. I'm trying to work through it and do my best but sometimes I get a little frustrated with myself because I feel like we are not making any progress because we don't have tons of investigators but I know I shouldn't feel like that because as long as I feel like I bringing people closer to Christ then I'm safe and I don't need to worry about having a lot of baptisms. I just feel overwhelmed sometimes because I feel like everything depends on me and it's hard when my companion doesn't know the language but I'm learning from this experience and I know the Lord wants me to learn being here or else I wouldn't be put in this situation. Also this week was hard because the Chile tournament was this week and it's seriously something sacred so it was hard to get into houses.

    I love you all and I'm thankful to have such a great family and support. Sorry this letter is kind of short. I'm glad to hear from you all every week to know that you all are doing great.

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

p.s. Some things that would be cool to have
In a package would be some foot souls, and maybe a v-neck sweater vest
and probably weird but, they got to be glued gel in the yellow bottle.
and I can't think of anything else but thank you!

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