Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Patience is a virtue...

Thank you for the picture! I love you all too!

I cannot believe that you all went to Utah, you must be having a blast. Why did you guys decide to go to Utah? Did Chanelle end up not giving her welcome home talk?

I’m not going to lie but I’m a little jealous, it seems like everybody has changed so much in the family. I feel like I don’t recognize some of you. Kellin and Kenny seem to have changed a lot. I know I’m bad at writing but tell them to write me, tell them to do it through my E-mail so it gets to me faster. Gosh I can’t believe how different it is going to be back at home. Even the weather it’s totally different. It’s freezing cold here and has been raining like crazy while it’s sunny and hot at home.

That is way awesome that dad just decided to go and do a marathon, my dad’s a stud. I hope it all goes well for him because that is a lot of miles.

Well this week was a little different, we have been having a little more success even though it’s going slow, we have also been working with the members a lot asking for references and just getting to know them. We are really getting to know them pretty well so on that part it’s going good but its a little slow because we have had to teach many less actives and also recent converts. We have been knocking a lot and we have appointments with all of them this week so I hope it all turns out really well cause I have been praying to find those that the Lord is preparing. Also this week we received a really big helping tool for missionary work, we were able to receive portable DVD players to be able to watch the district and learn how to teach better and also to help the new missionaries out to know how to teach more effectively. For me they have helped tons and in watching them I realized some things I could be better at and it also reminds me what things I should be looking for in each investigator and how to fit each lesson to their needs. This week I have kind of felt down about some things and it has been hard with my new companion. I have and am trying a lot of things but really it’s hard and I don’t want to go off and start talking about how hard it is. But I really feel the Lord’s help in having patience, biting my tongue and being able to have a good attitude towards the members and the people in spite of the difficulties or problems that may come up.

The mission work is hard but I realize that the spiritual moments that come push the hard and discouraging moments away and they become the least of worth and they roll off my back. I push strong and try and do my best because I love the Lord and this gospel, I wouldn’t try my hardest if I didn’t know this work and what I’m doing is true. I love this work and my Savior and the more I come to know Him my desire increases to share the gospel. Its weird how that works but it is true that when we draw closer to our Savior we want to share our testimonies with those around us. I love you all and I’m glad I have an eternal family. It almost made me cry seeing that picture of the family. It reminds me of why I’m here and what my goal is. You all just look so happy! And that is what the gospel does.

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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