Monday, June 27, 2011

District Leader and now Training Too....

Alright so this week has been crazy and this next week will be even better. Well to start off we had changes and we got the call last night to find out that I was leaving the sector which really bummed me out. I really can say though that I have learned what the Lord wanted me to learn and its crazy to me but when I started my change with Elder Mortensen in Apoquindo I really didn't like it and thought I was being punished but as I look back just from last change not only did I figure out that God truly chastises those he loves and that God knows us better than we know ourselves but I learned to love my companion even though I never thought it would be that way and I ended the change wanting to stay with him. It's crazy to think about that now, but I really have learned so much.

Anyway, to continue it was really sad to leave and you know the investigator that wanted to stop smoking, yeah well we had a awesome lesson about fasting with a strong member family who smoked since they were 12 and Belen felt the spirit and felt the desire to change, so this last week she decided she wanted to fast with us as well so we did it and afterwards she had no desire to smoke again, I was so happy and it strengthened my testimony of the power of prayer and fasting, it was a total miracle. She is doing amazing and is going to get baptized here soon, but when she found out I was leaving she called at night almost crying. She told me that we had truly helped her change and want to become better, she said she had tried everything to stop smoking and to have a desire to be better but there was nothing until we came along. I love seeing those changes in people's lives from the gospel; It's such a miracle, nothing can change lives as does the gospel, It just stunk because we never got a chance to take a picture.

So I got to changes early in the morning because they wanted certain people to be their early and so I got there to find out that I'm training!! Woohoo president talked to us about a new training program that the apostles are doing and its going to be awesome, I was in shock. That means my dad will be a grandpa before he goes; he was so excited for me. I really want to be my best and I'm sure I will learn so much from my son! Lol. So tomorrow morning I go and pick him up with the other 19 trainers. I'm stoked! Also that means that I will be getting white washed into a sector because the last two elders their went home and so I'm kind of scared cause its a huge sector, way bigger than my last one. So I'm really to introduce him to Chile. Oh and I'm also still district leader, yeah can you say a lot of responsibility! But the lord thinks I can do it and I learned last change that God always knows best, He knows what will make me grow the most.

It's so crazy to think like Dad when he said how fast time is just flying by. It's so crazy to think a year ago I was at the coast just me and dad. Missionaries say that the first year goes by the slowest but for me it went by super fast so I can't imagine what the second year will be like. Hitting my year mark soon makes me look back at all I have done and have become but I know there is so much more for me out there to learn.

By the way I will try to send a CD but just to let you know I really don't take as many pictures as I should so I will try to become better at it this change.

Well I got to go but I love each of you and I love hearing
Of all the changes that are going on back at home.

Be obedient in everything!
Con Amor 

-Elder Pedersen

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