Monday, June 20, 2011

Miracles in the service of the Lord...

Happy father's day!! I couldn't help but think of my Dad all yesterday and think of all things that I have learned throughout my life because of the great example of my dad. I'm so lucky and blessed to have a dad who is strong in the faith and shows the spiritual giant he is by how he acts day by day. I love you so much dad and even though I didn't get to talk to you on Father's day I'm glad I get to at least tell you how much I love you.

You all cannot by the way keep talking about Chanelle coming home because I just get super trunky. Lol
I'm actually surprised that you all have kept it in till now. Mom hasn't said anything. I seriously cannot believe that she is already coming home. I don't want her to, it's so weird and I wish I totally could see her walk down out of the airport to see how much she has changed. I want so many pictures and maybe if possible a video along with it. It would be the best.

Well I cannot believe that Seth came back already, seems like the lord has done a lot with him, did he say a lot of words in Spanish on accident? Man all this talk about homecomings and marriages kind of makes me trunky and scared. Which by the way I cannot believe that Danielle Schumway is getting married to someone that much older than her it's insane, I can't help but think that when she was in kindergarten he was on a mission. But I guess age doesn't matter like you said.

I'm glad that you were all able to get all these things done that you needed to get done; it's amazing to see the miracles happen when you're in the service of the lord. God will always help us accomplish the tasks when it is for the benefit of his children.

Well just so you know yes its freezing here and only getting colder, it makes me grateful for the warm clothes that we bought before my mission so I didn't have to buy anything here. It rained so much the other day and is supposed to rain a bunch during this week.

Investigator wise we are doing well, and we are trying to work hard to find new at the same time teaching others. Belen is doing awesome and we had so many good lessons with her that was amazing. She is really trying to stop smoking and she went to church and already has a bunch of friends. It just stinks though because her mom thinks that we are there just to teach and help her daughter. We are progressing a lot with her and she went from never wanting to pray to praying in front of her parents for the first time and her parents started to cry because they couldn't believe it. We as well had a great lesson about fasting which could help her a lot and so she called us yesterday and told me that she is going to fast and so I told her how to do it and we talked about it for a while so I'm super excited to see what the results are and we are praying really hard for her. Also last Monday she gave us her weed plant that she was growing, so we took it with us and threw it away. The only thing that I'm scared of is that she has friends who influence her and so we are just praying that she realizes that they are not good for her. She is really progressing and doing awesome. It's amazing how the gospel is such a great motivator. She has tried everything to be better but nothing has worked for her like the gospel. So it's going really great.

This week we also had Elder Zeballos from the first quorum of the seventy come and president spoke and his wife which was so amazing and then he spoke. I wish I could say all the things he said but it was one of the best capacitaions that I have been to. He is truly an amazing man with a strong firm testimony of the gospel. He caught our attention every minute that he spoke, I loved every single second. We learned about love, diligence, humility and so much more and he had something amazing to say about each one of them. I took so many notes and I wish I could say more but I don't have time. I left wanting to be better and do better.

Sorry this is a short letter but I want you to know I loves you all and I'm sorry for not sending pictures, I will do better at it but I have come to the conclusion that sister missionaries are better at that stuff. Lol Have a great week and I love you Dad. I will try and give you that gift.

- Elder Pedersen

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