Monday, September 20, 2010

Chile's Bicentenial!!

Okay so today I had to write the family because Monday will be a holiday so I won’t be able to write everyone. So we had permission to write today. Well its 9 here and the reason we are writing so late is because we got back from the 200 year anniversary of Chile! So today the ward celebrated it and it was a lot of fun, we played games and all kinds of stuff. It’s definitely different from our ward party’s lol. And then on Monday is the biggest day of the year so it will be really hectic so I not even sure if we will be teaching a lot of people on that day because everyone is going to party all day.

Everything is going good here in Chile I am so dead tired every night but even though I'm super tired I’m trying to push myself and sometimes when I’m not having a good day I just try and remember the reason I am here and who I am serving and when I think like that it helps me to keep pushing myself. I am coming to love this gospel and my savior more and more each day. I am starting to really love the people here even though I can’t fully understand them as well as I would like, they are so nice and accepting. It’s so funny because some of the families in the ward totally remind me of people back home especially people from the ward. It’s funny and I just realized today of who my companion totally reminds me of. He is Tim in a lot of ways, like how he acts and almost everything else, so its way cool. He is a way awesome guy. The ward here is so awesome and friendly. They love the missionaries; Enough to assign us talks my second week here and give lessons all the time. But they feed us every day and they are totally awesome so it’s all good. I just wish I could speak the language so I could get to know them more. I’m beginning to get to know certain people if they talk slow but other than that most of the time I don’t know what they are saying so i have to ask my companion. This week though we are teaching a family and they are pretty interested so right now I can only teach a bit of each principle which totally stinks because I can’t express myself and that’s that hard part to get around. when I say something totally wrong or when they start to talk back to me, my confidence is crushed and that is one thing I am trying to work just letting things role off my back and not make a big deal about it. If I mess up it fine, I would rather mess up now with the language than a year from now. but when I’m teaching I just want to be able to really teach them and express myself but i know the language will come if I have faith and confidence in myself and if I try my hardest the lord will help me with the rest.

So with that lesson I was able to write my testimony in the Book of Mormon and then give it to them, so that was cool. But anyways I love Chile, everyone is really friendly here but I still am trying to get used to being here it is really different. I will have to take pictures and send them to you guys. There are also some things here that remind me of the states. A lot of people here listen to Hanna Montana, Justin Beiber, and The Jonas Brothers even though they have no idea what is being said in the song. Everyone here always wants to know how the states are and a lot of people also try and learn words in English, and it’s kind of annoying cause they just try and speak to me in English. lol. And also when we walk past gangsters they are always yelling at us saying ¨What’s up man¨ or ¨Greenie¨ which means white rich boy. And I don’t understand because you wouldn’t believe it but their people that are as white as me here that were born in Chile. Some people are white as us and others are darker so that was kinda weird at first. but yeah random words like that are said a lot so its kinda funny but annoying at the same time lol. they learn it all from movies and songs they don’t understand.

I have never been out of my comfort zone more than I am here and now. So I’m trying to take Chanelle’s advice and try to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because there is a lot that I have to do here that I have to just do. And normally it’s not something I would do, so yeah I’m trying to get comfortable with that. I really wish that I could have received a letter from you guys. Let me know how everything is going back in Medford and I also wish I could have gotten a letter so then I could answer the questions that you have for me. Also for your information my p-day is on Monday and I only get letters on Tuesdays which totally stinks but it’s the only day mail comes in from the states. Also dads thank you for the letter that you typed up from elder Bednar’s talk. I bet that talk was totally awesome. I printed the rest off so then i could read it. i loved the first half of it. Totally awesome! Thank you, Dad. Let’s see I went to the temple which was totally awesome. Different but I loved it. Well I love every one of you guys

Love you Mom, Dad, Shanna, Chanelle, Kenny, Kellin, Daniel, and little McKenna (I want pictures from McKenna and actual pictures from everything that’s been going on during summer time)

Give my love to everyone grandma and grandpa Pedersen and Henrion.
I hope everyone is doing awesome, choose the right. Be your best miss and love you,

Con Amor
Your Elder Pedersen

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