Monday, July 19, 2010

First letter from the MTC July 10, 2010

I can't believe I am here! It's insane. Chanelle was right; you really don't have any time to write. You only have a certain amount of time each and every day.

The first day was insane! We did so much, and it's really true how the weeks are like days and the days are like weeks! The first two days that I was here was so long. I was so nervous when Shanna and Adam dropped me off. But when I walked through those doors, there was a friendly welcome at every step when signing in. And when they put that name tag on me. It was so curial. I couldn't believe I was here and actually a missionary! It almost made me laugh because I looked around and everybody was feeling the same way I was; which was scared stiff. So then after I went to meet my companion and district in my classroom, I didn't really think that I wanted to be with the companion for two months, Because we both have different interests, but we both love the gospel so it will be good, we are definitely getting along and we are finding out more about each other.

My district is way cool. We have like 10 elders, half are leaving in 3 weeks for Guatemala and the rest of us are staying. Oh and my teachers are way amazing. We have one guy and one sister teacher, and they are good, one thing that I realized here is that in classes they don't make you answer questions and put you on the spot, and you know me, I was glad. I think they just give you a chance to do it yourself instead of them pushing you. I'm trying my hardest to get out of my comfort zone so I can learn and be the best I can be. Also in class they have already taught us how to pray and testify in Spanish! It's kind of crazy but fun at the same time, they really push us to study and learn the language fast! I like being here. It's getting a lot better than the last couple of days because I didn't really know the district as much and I kind of wanted to be with another elder in my district, But now I know that being with this companion will teach me a lot and I am finding the best quality's in him, so we can get along better. Gosh I wish I could tell you so much more but I only have so much time so I will tell you the main stuff. My zone which is everybody on the 4th floor is kind of weird. My roommates are kind of weird too, but it's all good, we get along pretty good and we laugh a lot so that is good too.

The MTC President is awesome! He spoke to us the first night and he was so good. We also do a lot of role playing which I don't like. My companion and I taught some sisters the first lesson and it went okay. They said we did awesome for our first time but I think they were just being nice, they said we did way better than them on their first time.

Oh my p-days are on Fridays so write me on Thursday or something. I really am learning to love it here. Oh I saw Kaitlin Schwanke and it was really good seeing a familiar face, she wants chanelles address so could you give that to me. Also thank you for the cinnamon roles! I loved them, thank you.

Well I got to go now. Thank you for your prayers. I will also learn to type sorry for the short e-mail.

Love you Mom and Dad so much! And of course the family!

Love your

Elder Pedersen

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